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Fortune Zipper

Fortune Zipper is one of the well-reputed and resourceful companies in Bangladesh. It has sincerely carried on its status as the biggest manufacturer of all shorts of zipper. Fortune Zipper has a good record of manufacturing good quality products. Most of the sophisticated machineries and equipments are imported from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The products go through a rigorous process of checking and rechecking before they are delivered.

Why Fortune Zipper

  • 21+ years experience.
  • Competitive prices.
  • One of the top Well-reputed zipper manufacturing company.
  • International Standards.
  • World class quality products.
  • Trusted International Buyer.
  • Production 1,00000 Pcs of zipper per day.
  • International certification available.
  • Free quotes.
  • Free sample for approval.

Our Clients

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